Open Source Projects and Contributions

The following is an incomplete list of some of my more recent open source projects

Older projects:

Some of my contributions to other open source projects (incomplete list):

  • Tonuino (List)
  • Chromium project (Issue 112992911)
  • Symfony (List)
  • Sonata AdminBundle for Symfony (List)
  • FOS UserBundle for Symfony (List)
  • FOS CommentBundle for Symfony (List)
  • Doctrine ORM (List)
  • Doctrine Common (List)
  • VATIN (VAT validator) (List)
  • Enchant based spellchecker for TinyMCE (Source)
  • (also included in LibreOffice)
    • Luxembourgish locale support for (Source)
    • Luxembourgish Language fingerprint (Source)
    • Luxembourgish AutoCorrect file (Source)
  • moment.js (List)
  • FritzBox Smarthome (List)
  • Home Assistant (List)
  • Paperless-NG (List 1 and List 2)
  • Numbertex (Source)