Projects and Activities

Before university

Before entering university, I developed several applications and websites in my spare time. Notable projects include:

  • Development of a dynamic and robust content management system, used on many websites over the years and still in use today.
  • Development of an application for managing cycling races, used for several years by several Luxembourgish clubs.

During university

While I was studying Computer Science with a focus on Software Engineering I worked on several Open Source as well as commercial projects.

In 2005, I have developed an online spell checking platform – called  – for the Luxembourgish language, with an online version and several downloadable versions. I have been managing the project until 2023. My main activities included:

  • Design and development of a multitude of tools for analyzing, generating and maintaining word lists.
  • Design and development of plugins for, LibreOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird and other software.
  • Development of an algorithmic solution to correct a pronunciation rule (“N-Rule”).
  • Development of an online spell-checker.
  • Site management and maintenance.

During the holidays between semesters at university, I was working at various companies and gained knowledge in marketing as well as basic knowledge in graphic design.

Freelancing (2009-2014)

Immediately after leaving university, I started working as a freelancer. As I was able to work for several companies before, I was lucky to be able to get a large volume of interesting projects right from the start. My activities included:

  • Customer acquisition, project management, invoicing, etc.
  • Cooperation with various advertising agencies and freelance graphic designers.
  • Development of web sites and applications.
  • Consulting in the digitalization of various processes.

Some of the more notable projects I was working on include:

  • Backend development of the website of a multinational cinema group with localized versions for Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Fully automated online publication of film schedules.
  • Digitization of the ordering and production process at a bakery in Luxembourg.
  • Development of a communication platform for a start-up. This platform enables articles to be published on a website and simultaneously sent by email and published on social networks.

Lightbulb (2013-2023)

At some point during my freelancing career, I got overwhelmed with the amount of projects that were entrusted to me and I had to think about the next steps going forward. With two colleagues I founded a web agency called Lightbulb. My activities in the company include:

  • Web project design and development.
  • Development of software architectures.
  • Management of our developers.
  • Maintenance of company and customer servers.
  • Internal network maintenance.
  • Resolution of programming problems.
  • Security analysis of software developed by third parties.
  • Digitalization consulting.

Some notable projects I primarily worked on include:

  • Development of a web application for a delivery service of boxes of ingredients and recipes for self-preparation of healthy meals. This web application offers the company’s managers a recipe editor with automatic calculation of the quantities of products to be ordered each week, based on orders received.
  • Development of a fully digital process enabling visitors to the CMCM website to register as members.
  • Development of the internal billing system.
  • Development of the new online dictionary search engine.

In mid 2023, I sold my shares to my co-founders and will leave the company by the end of November 2023.

Leap Consulting (since 2021)

In 2021, I co-founded another company, this time specializing in digitalization consulting. I was able to build on the experience gained in previous projects to take this step.

The company works in the following domains:

  • Analysis of current customer processes.
  • Development of digitization strategies.
  • Identification of gaps in already digitized processes.
  • Development of feasibility studies and a progressive action plan.
  • Support customers in implementing changes.

Open Source work

Since at least 2001, I have contributed to various Open Source projects and have published Open Source Software myself. Have a look at a list of some of my open source contributions.